Take Your Pet To Work Day [DC Road Trip Edition]
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Dog parks in DC?

Hello friends, I'll be in DC for the day with my pooch and have a few hours to kill between locations (Rayburn House Office Building and Catholic University). I'm looking for parks to take the dog to - preferably close to or between my two locations, and off leash/fenced in if possible!

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Response by poster: I should also mention that other time wasters are also welcome - perhaps a bakery suggestion for some of DC's finest cupcakes to bring back with me?
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Lots of people let their dogs run off leash at Lincoln Park. I think it might be technically not legal to do so, but it I see it so often that I doubt there is any enforcement. Depending on the time of day there will likely be some other dogs around off-leash that might try and play with your dog. No fence.
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11th St and Rhode Island Ave NW is an officially sanctioned dog park
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For cupcakes try Red Velvet or Georgetown Cupcake.
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DC cupcake info.
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Seconding Georgetown Cupcake
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