Making an mp3 from a Youtube video
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I'm trying to make a high quality mp3 of the first 3:41 of this yt video:

I have bass-increasing headphones and in them the song sounds great. But the mp3 I made is missing all of that. I tried to use audacity and acid to make mp3s of this video that sound good - capture the bass and the song in general. I can't do it without it sounding 'quiet' or alternatively, clipping. Can someone get me a high quality mp3 of this video of Red doing his live beatboxing?

My email's in my profile.
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Best answer: Here's the AAC audio that I extracted directly from the high quality version on YouTube. Convert it to MP3 if you require, but each successive encoding generation will result in quality loss.
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Best answer: I've had good results using Audio Hijack Pro to record streaming music.
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Well shit zsazsa, that was just a downright nice thing to do.
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Response by poster: Thank you both!! I'll try it out soon.
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FWIW, there's this too.
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