Looking for a Historical Timeline App for a Website.
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I'm looking for an open-source or inexpensive application that will allow me to write and publish a historical timeline for a fictional world online. I am NOT looking for Project Management! Would be ideal if it worked with Joomla, but is not 100% necessary.

I am the webmaster for a Live RPG that is in the process of fleshing out the world setting on the website, to make the game world easy to read up on. Right now, the website is running Joomla, and we're slowly beginning to fill in articles.

The director of the game has asked me to find a piece of software that will let him map out the historical timeline of the fictional world the game is set in, so we can publish it to the website. If it's not a Joomla-based app, I can always embed it in a wrapper instead.

Given that this is not exactly a Big-Budget operation, an Open Source or inexpensive solution would be appreciated.
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I've found TiddlyWiki to be very usefull to organize and arrange my random writingsi n the past.
Everything stand in a single webpage dynamically updated by javascript. All you have to do is type, edit and create pages and links. Once done, putting it on a server is a no-brainer.
Exporting (Word, xml, etc...) afterwards isn't, unfortunnately, but TiddlyWiki is worth giving a try.
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Best answer: Smile.
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Seconding Simile's timeline. That's the gold standard for what you're talking about. Think Google Maps API but for time.
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Response by poster: Thank you so much for the guidance - That looks like what I am looking for, and I even found mention of a Joomla component, but I can't actually seem to find the component itself... just the announcement! (Which, of course, has no links of value in it...)
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