Hotels in Lisbon
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We're two people looking for the quirky, the hidden, the unknown, the comfy and the welcoming hotels in Lisbon, Portugal... What does The Hive know about places to stay in this wonderful city?

We're going for 4 days (Mon-Fri) in early May. We like comfort, small prices, and convenient location (aka The Ideal Hotel).

Any suggestion of what to do would be appreciated, although it'as already been covered for Portugal in general (e.g. here and here).
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You dont mention what your budget is (small prices means different things to different people) - or the kind of things you want to see/do in Lisbon. But based on your post, my wife, who is a native Lisboeta suggests you take a look at Pensao Globo.
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I know you wanted hotel recommendations, but have you thought about a short term vacation flat rental? My SO and I are spending two weeks in Europe and we plan to rent a vacation apartment for 4 days each in Barcelona and Spain. They also offer them in Lisbon. Here are two links, but you can do a search for more: 1.) 2.

The prices, in my opinion, are very low and for our trip the fact that we'd have a kitchen gives us the opportunity to save money by cooking our own food some nights. Plus, every apartment I've looked at has a washer and dryer, which for your short trip probably doesn't matter, but is still nice. And the majority of vacation rentals are beautifully decorated and spacious.
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Response by poster: Thank you both so far! I'll check your recommendations.

Our budget is anything up to €90 per night (for 2 people), preferrably under €80...

Thanks! Other MeFites?
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