Does Charlie Rose own a television studio?
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"From our studio in New York, this is Charlie Rose" ---- who does the "our studio" refer to? Wikipedia and the Official Charlie Rose website don't appear to shed any light. Does Charlie and his co-executive producer own the studio? WNET? Bueller? Bonus question: why is it announced that way, other than to stick in the mind of the listener?
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Best answer: The Charlie Rose show is filmed in the Bloomberg headquarters in NYC at 59th and Lexington

From wikipedia: In 1994, Rose moved the show to a studio owned by Bloomberg Television, which allowed for improved satellite interviewing.
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Response by poster: D'oh. Thanks!
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Perhaps off-topic, but not sure where else I'd share this: I worked as a temp researcher for Charlie Rose for a week back around 2003. The Bloomberg HQ is an odd place in how it combines office space with television studio space. It's not like, say, the hallways of the NBC studios like you see on 30 Rock, with the office spaces and studio spaces distinctly separated. The cubicle farm and Charlie's weird little black chamber are right on top of one another. In his office, Charlie has mugs from all the different news shows he's worked on and, for some reason, a pair of sneakers emblazoned with the logo for Snoop Dog vehicle The Wash.
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Fwiw, the opening announcement used to say "From the Bloomberg studios in mid-town Manhattan..."

I've always assumed they dropped the overt reference to Bloomberg once he (Bloomberg) became a more active politician. Charlie must, at least, maintain the appearance of impartiality, y'know.
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When I hear broadcasters using that construction, I just assume the announcer is using the royal "our", meaning the studio that the show uses, not the announcer's personally owned studio.

"From our studios in downtown Des Moines, here's Dance Party USA!"

Is just a nicer way to say "Broadcasting from an office building in Des Moines, we now present our program!" With the added connotation that the studio is dedicated to the production of that show.

I always assumed that they make mention of the studio at all to give context to the broadcast.
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