Bike Lock Suggestions?
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Best bike lock in the $20-30 range?

Pretty self explanatory; my bike is only worth ~$150 so I don't really want to buy some ultra premium $50+ lock, but I don't want to get a complete POS either (I've dropped into one or two local stores and those, unfortunately, seem to be the only options around here). I'm thinking either this kryptonite or this one from onguard; any other suggestions?
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This should help you out.
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Planet Bike makes decent locks that are in the range you're looking for.

This link might take you to the planet bike lock page for amazon.

The locks are a lot cheaper at my local MEC, so maybe if you're in the US, REI will stock them too?

just get one that you like well enough to use all the time. Lube the lock mechanism, too.
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I've got the OnGuard lock linked in your OP; I've been happy with it, but I'm on my second one. The black portions are plastic and can easily break if you drop the lock (which I had done, twice). The black plastic pieces keep the pieces lock together when it's unlocked, so it still works when locked but falls apart when unlocked unless firmly held in place. The Kryptonite seems to be a solid one piece so it wouldn't have that problem, but I was content enough with the Onguard to buy it again.

As an added suggestion may I recommend one of these? The 5mm cable isn't a serious deterrent but it will keep someone from just quick-releasing and walking away with your front tire, and it weighs virtually nothing and only sets you back $3.
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i would never ever skimp on a bike lock - paying $50 or $60 for the new york chain lock ensures it will pretty much never get stolen, and that $20 extra is worth the headaches of finding another bike that fits your measurements, being inconvenienced on the day you need to use the bike, and its gone, and you hire a taxi, etc...
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I use the OnGuard Rottweiler, which is (in my mind) a good compromise between the security of a U-Lock with the flexiblity of cable without the price of a Kryptonite. Sometimes you have to lock your bike up someplace funky, like on a random lamp-post, and I feel like U-Locks make that harder.

Here's Amazon for Rottweilers; there are different widths and lengths, going from $30 to $80, so at the upper limit of your price range. I got the 5024, because it was larger thickness, longer length.

There is are two serious cons: weight and, on my bike frame, lack of mount-ablity. I have to snake mine around the bike frame just right so it doesn't hit my knees when I ride. And because the cable is super-thick, it's not terribly flexible, when it comes to squeezing it around a bike frame.
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Do not get a cable lock. Article. Here's Sheldon Brown on locking strategy, suggesting a cable and a u-lock; via this bike forum thread. General consensus seems to be that you'll be fine with the Bulldog as long as you use your head when you lock up.
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sorry, that should have been "do not just get a cable lock," obviously. Also, as long as I'm posting again: object lesson. (friend works for a bike rental place and had to go retrieve one of their bicycles; not just a vigilante showing the world how easy it is to steal bikes.)
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