Know of any interesting public access TV series?
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Looking for cool public access TV shows on the web. Of the non-talk show variety.

I saw a flyer the other day for this long-running sci-fi TV series on a Manhattan public access channel. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I love the idea of people passionate and resourceful enough to make their own TV series and continue with it, regardless of production values. There's something bold and shameless about it. Anyway, I was trying to find examples of cool little shows that do/have existed on public access, but google has given me nothing. Know of any?
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Let's Paint TV definitely fits "passionate" and "regardless of production values".
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Philo is on Minneapolis public access. Hilarious show that eventually turns nsfwish when the drunk college kids call in. I stumbled upon it one night and love watching it. Kind of hard to find other clips on the net, but that one lasts an hour.
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The Manhattan Public Access show the original poster mentioned is probably Harvey Weisenberg's Invasion Earth. In the linked episode (and many invasion earth episodes) Harvey attempts to stop one of his regular viewers from shouting obscenities on air. Harvey is a great guy in person and on air. He loves getting comments on his youtube videos.
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I submit the mind-boggling Star Crash.
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Access Tucson web streams their 3 public access channels. When I lived there I used to see lots of random, fun, and strange things on there.
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Rat puppet? Check. Dancing children, septuagenarians, and twenty-something hipsters? Check. A song performed by Cynthia Plaster Caster, the artist/blow-job-queen who created molds formed by the private parts of 1960's rock stars like Jimi Hendrix? Um, check. In other words, it's the kind of television show that makes you drop your remote control, your jaw, or both.*
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