Find me a Vegas Style Spa in Maryland
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After a trip to Vegas, the desire to visit a spa like the ones there has come over me. The spa in Vegas was sweet. Pay for a day pass and get to use a Sauna, Whirlpool, Steam room, cold dip pool and more... Anyone know of one near Frederick, MD like this? Baltimore and DC would be options, but would prefer one closer.
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I don't know about Vegas style, but maybe Berkeley Springs, WV?
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I was going to say Berkeley Springs, too. The town is not Vegas by a long shot, but the spas are probably as good as any you'll find in LV. (I've never been to a spa in LV, so take that comment with as much salt as you wish.)
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Can someone explain the Vegas ones? We have the Stowe Flake locally (VT). What makes vegas ones vegas-like?
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You might want to look into Korean (maybe all asian?) spas. You get an all-day pass and the larger ones have various steam rooms, whirlpools, etc. Also, you can pay someone to scrub you down, if you need.
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