Where to find weather-resistant, quick-dry (gent's) trousers for a 3-week trip to Ireland in the spring?
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Where to find weather-resistant, quick-dry (gent's) trousers for a 3-week trip to Ireland in the spring?

The wife and I are finally taking our honeymoon to the Emerald Isle this April. It seems to be called the Emerald Isle mostly because it's always somewhat wet and rainy (and so stuff grows well). Help a SoCal guy stay dry!

I've got a rain coat, and my new Docs have been waxed, but I'm stumped as to how to keep my legs warm and dry. Well, dry mostly (I can get long underwear).

What do people in rainy climes usually do about this? I'm rather tall, so umbrellas don't work well for me.

Some requirements:
- I abhor the "conversion" style pants that zip the legs off
- I don't want swishy waterproof workout-style overpants
- I'd like something that looks like regular dress casual pants (like Dockers, Eddi Bauer, etc.), but with a little water resistance
- If possible, I'd like them to be lightweight and easily laundered by hand in the bathtub.
- I'm looking for these to be my everyday pants during the trip.
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Have you seen these?
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I really like nylon twill pants for this. I've got a pair of these. They're hard-wearing, have a bit of stretch and repel water. They are fairly easy to hand wash as a result. They're about the same as chinos, but without the darts. I wear them to the office and to business meetings all the time.
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Give REI a shot. Upon a quick glance (waiting for the day to end) I found these and these and these, all of which fit your bill.
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Ooh, also, they don't hold a crease, but don't wrinkle easily either.
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Get some canvas/cotton khakis or jeans and a can of Camp Dry spray and you'll be good to go. S/B available at any Wal*Mart type store.
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nthing REI. This is absolutely their specialty. If you don't have an REI nearby, then you can also try The North Face.
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I'd check out LL Bean.
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^^^It's great for shoes, too.
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Oh, and Ireland isn't that bad. I've traveled and hiked there extensively without special gear - just my regular clothes and a plain rain coat.

You'll be fine as long as you wear layers that you can shed or put on as needed. Think "San Francisco" rather than "tropical monsoon season" -- bring a good sweater, a waterproof coat, and a hat or umbrella, and you're good to go.
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What's your budget? In damp climates wool is king, and something like these wool trousers from Filson sound perfect for you.
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Thanks, I'll check out REI this weekend. Most of what I could find on their site seemed tailored towards hot weather rather than cold and wet.

I figured this was a perennial issue that SF, Portland, Seattle, etc. inhabitants have, but I'm not particularly experienced in it from way down here in San Diego.
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I've had wonderful luck with Travelsmith. Check these out and browse the men's section.
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In the same vein of REI is Campmor. They're an excellent mail-order/internet retailer.

Brands to look for for this type of stuff would be Ex Officio, Columbia, and possibly their house brand.
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(looking back at your comment about this stuff being geared towards hot weather instead of cold/wet)

You can also look at REI/Campmor/outdoor store for waterproof pants you can wear in conjunction with your rain jacket. Just pop them over your regular pants before you get out in the nastiness (maybe even zip-off versions are out there). They'll also protect from the chilly winds, but some may be breathable.
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REI or another outdoor store should have something suitable.

If you can't get to one, I bought a pair of IZOD casual trousers last year that have a type of ripstop weave to them that seem good at shedding water; these were in a sale at Macys.
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These trousers are among a few at Tilley Endurables that seem to fit your bill.
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