Electronics store in E. Cleveland?
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Where can I buy ceramic disc capacitors, microcontrollers, and even arduinos in East Cleveland?

I'm here in Cleveland Heights, OH (east of downtown Cleveland). I'm jealous of my friends (in Cali and Texas) who live close to Fry's Electronics, because that store carries electronic parts for the hobbyist. Is there a cool, magical parts shop near me that I'm unaware of?
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SparkFun via mail-order?
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RadioShack still carries a few components (likely only the ceramic caps). Unfortunately, fewer people do electronics as a hobby these days so there aren't very many good shops left to buy components. But if you're willing to wait for shipping you can find online sources with wide selection and good prices. Personally, I usually order from Digikey and Mouser.

Hopefully someone will come along with a great recommendation in your town. It's definitely nice to have a local place to grab some last-minute must-need component. Good luck!
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Are you stuck in Cleveland Heights/Shaker Heights/Beachwood (I don't know what you might find in East Cleveland)? Can you go to Bedford? Fox International is on Aurora Rd (also has an online presence). Phone number is (440) 439-8500‎. They are at 23600 Aurora Rd.

Another place looks to be near Brecksville: Future Electronics (6060 Rockside Woods Blvd # 141).
Their number is (216) 642-4800‎.

I wish I could remember where we used to pick up supplies when I worked in IT, but I can't. Oh, well. Sorry these are probably further than you want to go.
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Future Electronics is a distributor. That address is either a warehouse or some offices, not a retail shop.
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