Be free, Belkin Mouse. Freeeee.
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Why is my new wireless keyboard working, but not the wireless mouse it came with?

Old Belkin Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (not sure of exact model - but the receiver plugs into a USB and ps/2)
New Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave (keyboard and mouse, receiver plugs into a USB)

I unplugged the old Belkin stuff, took out the batteries and plugged in the new Logitech stuff. It looks like the receiver is synching to both the keyboard and the mouse but while I'm able to use the keyboard, I'm unable to use the mouse.

I've tried restarting the computer. I called Logitech support and he had me synching and resyching and powering up and powering down, etc. I've looked online and I don't think I am searching correctly. Right now, I am using the new keyboard and the old mouse. I can't find anything on my add/remove programs about Belkin in case I needed to uninstall something.

I don't think it's the mouse because this is the second new Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse in 2 days that I've had this problem with. I have called my IT department and put in a request but it usually takes a few hours for someone to come by.

What am I doing wrong that the mouse isn't being recognized?
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Best answer: Man, wait a few hours for IT to show up.

1/ They know what they're doing (I hope)
2/ If it's anything more than "check the batteries", they probably won't appreciate you futzing about with random ideas from people who don't know your environment.
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For whatever reason, if I have any sort of electronic equipment (e.g., laptop, GPS unit) between my Cordless Wave mouse and the receiver, the mouse has trouble working smoothly (it works, however). Is there anything between the mouse and receiver?
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I hope this doesn't come off as patronizing, but did you try the reset button on the bottom of the mouse? I have an older Logitech wireless mouse and sometimes I have to jab at the button a few times before it will connect.
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Response by poster: I'm right handed so the keyboard is in the way between the mouse and the receiver.

devbrain: Yeah, I know you're right. I just was wondering if there was some simple thing I didn't know I wasn't or should be doing.
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Response by poster: desjardins, I just tried pressing it hard once and then jabbing it a lot. No luck, but thanks!
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Any chance something odd is going on with the surface you have it on? Last night I was helping my mom with her wireless mouse issue and after banging our heads against the wall it turned out the problem was that she was on a glass table. We felt kind of stupid for taking so long to realize that was the issue. Try a mousepad if you aren't using one maybe?
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I suspect you're doing nothing wrong. The mouse is paired with a USB dongle at the factory so it knows which computer to communicate with. (So you and your worker in the next cube can both have wireless keyboards and mice without interference.) I would bet there was a mistake at the factory where it was either paired wrong or they put the wrong mouse in your box.

I'd return it to where you bought it (if you can) because it will take for ever on the phone with Logitech until they give you a RMA.
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