“The Heritage Club” in “Trading Places”
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What is the real name and historical background of "the Heritage Club” in the movie "Trading Places”? I was an undergraduate in the city of Philadelphia in the early 1970s, and completely missed this until I saw the movie.
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From Diversion: For Physicians at Leisure....

"At Locust and 18th streets is The Curtis Institute of Music (1726 Locust St.; 215/893-5252), a top teaching and performing institution housed in a historic mansion from which the sounds of flutes and strings and voices emerge from morning until early evening. Its entrance served as the men’s club in the movie Trading Places. "
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Yes, the entrance to Curtis's main building (the former Drexel mansion) served as the exterior for the Heritage Club, but the movie is really taking its cue from the Union League, which is on Broad Street.

Incidentally, Curtis has free recitals every MWF during the school year, which will give you a great opportunity to check out the interior if you ever happen to be back in Philly.
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I'm watching Trading Places on Bravo right now, and the the Union League is shown in the background as Billy Ray reports to his first day at Duke & Duke across the street. (now a Wachovia)
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