Is the Norelco t980 dual voltage?
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Does the Philips Norelco T980 work on 220 (European) voltage? Metrosexualize my beard, please.

A few months ago I called Philips and they told me the vacuum beard trimmer is not dual voltage. However, I have seen reports on the Internet that it is.

Philips (Norelco) also told me that there was no 220v equivalent, but it appears that there is, so I'm having trouble with the company.

Does anyone have this shaver and know whether it does, in fact, support dual voltage? I can't seem to find this information anywhere on their site, or on Amazon - just others with the same query.

I'd be greatful as well for the model of the European equivalent, and a general review of the beard trimmer.
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Perhaps you've already read the review on amaz0n that answers this question?
Rather than link to it, I'll just say do a search within the product's reviews for '220'.
Paraphrasing, he says it charges and runs on 220v, right out of the box.

That would satisfy me. But take along an adapter if you need extra assurance. Adapters (used for cameras, phones, etc) are just part of your kit if you travel much.

Lot's of great reviews for this trimmer, very few negatives.
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Response by poster: that was the report i mentioned in the post. was hoping for independent verification, because of the company's insistence to the contrary --but if it satisfies you, it satisfies me.

also, i can't believe i misspelled "grateful". but i do like my spelling better.
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