Just want to watch the fight without Tacky orange shorts...
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Where to watch UFC in DC?

I know Hooters in Chinatown plays UFC but I don't know if that's where I want to go.

Does anyone know of a cool bar with a lot of HDTVs playing the fight this weekend in Washington DC? Preferably it wouldn't be packed to the walls.

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Buffalo Billiards (in Dupont) plays a lot of the fights, probably this one too. The one time I was there when a fight was on, it wasn't packed, though it was crowded (it gets crowded there regardless).
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2nd-ing Buffalo Billiards. It has LOTS of TVs. You might want to get there a little ahead of time because sometimes the line gets long even if there's room inside.
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This gets asked regularly-ish on here, and is answered on the UFC's website, but in a somewhat obscure, hard to find place located on each individual event's "how to watch" section... click "sports bars"...


Also, it's poorly organized by state in a huge ugly list -- for your "convenience"! ;-)
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Thanks twiggy. They only have hooters listed on that list and I knew more had to be playing it.

I called BB's and they are playing it this weekend so I think I'll go there.
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