A very boring question about renting a car.
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I have a valid German drivers license which I have held for less than one year. I also have an expired US drivers license that I drove with for 8 years. How much of a hassle am I going to run into renting a car in the US?

I've read that car rental companies require their customers to have a valid drivers license issued more than one year prior. I don't have that, but I do have a valid drivers license and an expired license that shows that I have been driving for more than one year. Is this going to turn into trouble at the rental car desks?
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Just bring both. You'll be fine.
posted by halogen at 9:40 AM on March 5, 2009

That, or just call the company you plan to rent a car from.
posted by halogen at 9:40 AM on March 5, 2009

I have a Canadian driver's license which was less than one year old when I rented a car in the US last year. You should call the company for a definitive answer, however.
posted by chudmonkey at 3:01 PM on March 5, 2009

If you are in California, great. California accepts foreign driver's licenses
posted by bbyboi at 3:22 PM on March 5, 2009

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