cant find the right photo frame in a flooded market
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7" Digital photo frame with random playback and with simultaneous audio playback? For less than $80? Recommendations? Having amazingly hard time finding one.

I'm finding this incredibly frustratingly hard to find. All I want is two features for under $80: ability to randomly sequence the photos, and ability to play audio in the background. On a 7" screen.

Presumably these exist. I've seen 10" photo frames that do both features but for over $100.

I dont want a 10" one. I want a 7" one. And for under $80.

There are a TON, DOZENS, of photo frames for under $80. So far every single one i've looked at either does random but does not play simultaneous audio (some even play mp3's WITHOUT pics displaying but not during pics displaying!). Others will play audio but NOT have the random-slide feature.

Its just incredible how hard to find this has been, given how flooded the digital photo frame market is right now.
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Response by poster: p.s., should come with a remote, ideally :)
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Best answer: How about this or this?

This is probably what you really want, but is out of your price range.
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Response by poster: thanks! The viewsonic is the most bang for the buck i've seen in this price range (and the only one at 800x480 resolution in this range). And it does *everything*. Funny that it hasnt been widely reviewed.

I should have known to go to newegg rather than amazon ;)
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