Help me find a fancy, smelly candle.
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Where can I find the Harry Winston of candles?

Ok, so maybe Harry Winston wasn't the best analogy, but I'm looking for the best, smelliest, prettiest candle I can get.

I graduated from college last year, and had been doing sporadic freelance and contract work where I could get it...and now I've finally landed a real, grown up job. To celebrate, and reward myself, I'm going to splurge on something. I literally cannot remember the last time I bought something "fun" or indulged myself (unless buying the shrimp ramen instead of the chicken counts). I know it's irresponsible, but...I think I kind of need to be irresponsible for a second.

So, with my first paycheck, I'd like to use part of it to buy a really fancy, long-lasting, strong-smelling candle. I'd love to find a company or a line that has a really wide variety of scents (ie campfire to freesia and everything in between). I'm not looking for something like Yankee Candle...I'd really like something kind of ridiculously indulgent. I've budgeted up to $100 for this (although if I can get more than one candle for that price so much the better). Also, unlike some people, I prefer candles that are pretty strong smelling...not too subtle. I have read this thread, but I have a few extra qualifiers besides long-lasting that I'm looking for, and that thread is almost three years old. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. Thank you MeFi!
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The Oprahs, the celebrities, and the rock stars love Diptyque. They are definitely fancy and expensive.

Also, check out Jo Malone. She has some gorgeous fragrances.

One of my favorite perfumes has a candle. I don't have the candle but the perfume (Wild Blueberry Vanilla) is delicious. Trish McEvoy also sells other candles. I think she sells them in trios as well.
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Was just about to say Diptyque and Jo Malone as well.
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Oh and congratulations! I suggest breaking out the candle with a long, indulgent bubble bath and cheap champagne :)
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Fancy, eh?

Candles I haven't tried: Diptyque, as mentioned above, is probably the closest to what you're looking for. I have always been curious about Creed's candles, but can't vouch for their quality and have never smelled one in person. And Luckyscent, one of my favorite perfume sites, has quite a few candles to try.

Candles I have tried: Votivo is very good (I love their Tomato Leaf candle in particular) but their candles can get a lot of black smoke. I also really like Jimmy Belasco. Both these lines are cheaper, so you can get two or three and stay under budget.
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Alora makes the best fragrance diffusers ever, and they have candles too. I haven't tried the candles, but if they are anywhere near as good as the reed diffusers, they will blow your mind!

I linked to the vetiver one because that is my favorite, but you can go to an upscale department store and smell them to see which one you like best.
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Nthing Diptyque. I'm a huuuuge fan of their Baies scent (roses and black currant with just a hint of smoke), which is their bestseller. And since candles that pricey are best bought in person, when you've had a smell and a chance to handle the goods, going to the ritzy stores that stock them is a treat, too.
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All the above are terrific, but I want to put in a good word for Ergo soy wax candles. They're very intensely fragranced and while expensive, priced well enough that you could get a few of them in your budget.

Some of my favorite "flavors":

Lavender Patchouli (and I normally despise patchouli)
Currant Calyx
Solo Tangerine
Solo Watermelon
Monkey Grass
Mineral Springs
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Kobo candles. They're soy, which in my experience tend to last far longer than regular wax candles. The scents are incredible and the packaging is beautiful. They even come with their own little box of matches.
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Claus Porto makes lovely candles, and if you decide to go the long bath route, they make soaps in some matching scents.
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Crysdle Candles offer unique palm wax candles in unusual glasses and gift boxes.
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