How to get an ATM for my event?
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How hard is it to get an ATM for a public event? We're having an open studios/hangout/comic-con kind of thing in a converted factory building with loads of businesses and offices. Safe area, secure building, western Massachusetts. Help me, Mefi, lest nerds go hungry!
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Best answer: After a quick search I found this site to rent portable ATMs for events; site linked from this askmefi question. Google for portable atm rental turns up a number more. No idea about ease of setting one of these up, but I'd bet you could call and find out.
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Response by poster: ooh, thanks. I was talking to someone locally whose done it before and they seemed to think no one served our area.
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Out here in California, I've seen a big truck that Bank of America drives to events. The sides flip up and there are 4 ATM machines.
I don't think they are rented, I think BoA sets them up and gets there $3 fee for each user transaction.
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I would think you might be able to get one for free.
Some of those non-bank ATM companies pay big kickbacks to stadiums and other busy venues, so try calling the phone number on some of those small ATMs. Or the ones at convenience/ liqueur stores. The ATMs that charge $3 or more in fees would probably be a better bet.
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