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I know many magazine questions have already been asked, but I believe this one needs its own thread. What do I do with the MAD magazines I have from about 2000 to now?

Specific ideas would be preferred, as I know I can toss them on Freecycle or Craig's List any time. I tried to donate them to the military once, as I had read a letter from an Army librarian in Iraq to the magazine thanking them, but there is no real way to give it to them.
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If you don't mind breaking up the collection, you could send it via media mail to members of the military deployed abroad. Any Soldier is a great resource for sending care packages to an organizer, who then distributes them to members of his or her combat group.
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My dad has every MAD magazine ever published (he started collecting at 9 and never stopped) and I used to LOVE sick days because that meant reading a stack from the 1960s or 70s. If I were you, I'd see if a kid in your neighborhood might like to have them (they also could make a good art project for a local art school or collage...)
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I'm sure any group of preteen kids you could find would love them as a gift. Is your question how to find the right folks to donate them to?
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See if your local prison library wants them.
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Nearly ten years worth? That's a lot of Mad right there.

You could simply drop a few off at local hospital waiting rooms. Or your doctor/dentist/hair-dresser etc.
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I gave a ton of mags to our local prison. They were gratefully recieved!
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Give 'em to a local Boys or Girls Club, or a children's could be inspiring a future comedy writer!
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Any younger siblings, nephews, cousins you could give them to?
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I give magazines to the Assistance League of Glendale. Google the Assistance League of America for one in your area. Great charity, at least here in Glendale, CA it is.
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Does your library have a free periodical stand? Patrons drop off their old magazines (surprisingly up-to-date and more varied than National Geographics from the Carter administration) and grab magazines left by others.
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Giving them to a prison is a great idea, actually. Call around; you'll almost certainly find one willing to take them.
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