ReadyNAS NV+ won't release files!
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I have had a ReadyNAS NV+ for the past two years and it's been great to have a space to dump files. Now that I am trying to move them off the device en masse I am having nothing but problems. Please help!

Specs: Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ (4x500gb, running latest gold firmware). I have several shares setup, the largest of which contains my 300gb+ music directory organized by iTunes. Whether I connect to the device via AFP, SMB/CFS or FTP I get copy errors whenever I try to move files off of the device. I'm using OS X 10.5.6 connected over a local gigabit network.

The two errors I am getting repeatedly are 'duplicate file already exists in this location' where it usually finds another instance of the same song, but a different file size, ie different file. The other error is permissions related, but I have only one user configured for this device, and I am logged as that user.

I just want my files off! Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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I've been having similar, though not exact issues with my ReadyNAS attached to my iMac. I've been trying to move some media files around and it either flat out refuses without error, gives me an Access Denied error or tells me the file is in use. About five seconds before i saw this thread I went to the readyNAS admin screen, under "share listings", then to "Advanced properties" for my share I checked off:

"Set ownership and permission for existing files and folders in this share to the above settings. This option is useful in cases where you are changing security levels and need to workaround file access problems."

And hit "Apply"

(The "above settings" were Admin as Share folder owner and Users as Share folder Group. Rights were set to R/W for both.)

After it was done (Took about two minutes) I was able to move the files.

I'm not much of a Unix guy, permissions issues always confuse me, there's probably some reason why what I did was A Bad Thing, but it worked for me.

I like the ReadyNAS when it works but it seems very inconsistent. I'm constantly having trouble connecting or dealing with files.
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Response by poster: bondcliff, thanks for your quick reply. I should have mentioned that I've tried this and am STILL getting the errors. Glad to hear it worked out for you!
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Hmm, I was going to suggest the same thing as bondcliff. Surprised you're still having issues.

Try initiating the transfer from the ReadyNAS using the backup feature. Go to the Backup tab and click Add a New Backup Job. Set the source to one of the shares on your ReadyNAS, and make the destination a network share on your laptop/PC/server/etc. Obviously you'll need a share setup (open permissions would be best for testing but that's easy enough to figure out).

Should work like a charm. I'm guessing your problem is still permissions related, but that can be tricky to sort out. However, if the NAS itself kicks off the job (using the built-in backup utility) it'll have full rights to do so (assuming it has write privileges to the destination).
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Oh, and I recommend checking with the forums at - they're quite helpful.
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