Is CCBill safe to use?
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Is CCBill safe to use?

I'm interested in subscribing to a site that uses CCBill to process payments (this question is anonymous, as the site is of an, ahem, less than work safe nature).

I'm pretty sure the site itself is trustworthy (it has a few fairly well known artists as contributors) but I'm less sure about CCBill, which seems to have a somewhat patchy reputation. That said, a lot of the negative comments (on Ripoff Report and the like) seem fairly hysterical, which makes me question their neutrality.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has had any experience with this company and whether they're trustworthy or not.
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I'm not afraid to say I've used it several times in the past without any problems.
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For anything requiring a credit card the PayPal plugin will generate a one time CC# for you to use.
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They were a nightmare to deal with when my bank account got hacked by a user. On the other hand, when my Paypal account got hacked, Paypal was a dream to deal with in comparison. On this basis alone, I'd classify as a bit shady.
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Another unashamed ccbill user. I've never had any problems with them and their customer service has been quite responsive.
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Also unashamed. Never had a problem. They're very popular in that NSFW community.
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I've also used CCBill on occasion, and never experienced any problems with them. Nothing fishy happened with my bank accounts, and when I ended my subscriptions, the experience of closing the whole thing down went very smoothly. I have several other friends who I know to have used the same service, and none of them have had any complaints.
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I've also had fine experiences with CCBill.
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Heh, I used to work next to their server cage at a large hosting facility (they also run which is one of the biggest names in porn web hosting). Their employees were...less than complimentary about their working conditions. But yes, they're a legitimate business and won't sell your CC number to the Russian mob or anything.

Sometimes I still think about how close I was to those terabytes and terabytes of porn...
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Didn't I use ccbill to buy music from AllOfMP3? If so; it turned out to be more 'secure' than Hannifords supermarks.
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I've used ccbill with no problems. If it's a small monthly amount, though, remember what you're using it for. It shows up on your card statement as ccbill, not the name of the vendor.
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