Free de-duper for mac?
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What is a good FREEWARE duplicate file remover for mac os x?

I just switched from windows to a new macbook pro, and I've got a lot of dupes - music, pics, and other documents and files. I only want to delete exact duplicates, not different versions of songs or pics that were edited and left under the same name.
I used Doublekiller in windows because it compared checksums, and allowed you to see the location of each dupe and choose which to delete. I haven't been able to find anything similar for mac.
If there are no freeware programs that do this can anyone reccomend a (cheap) paid app with those capabilities?
Searches don't lead to anything that seems to do quite what I want.
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Have you already checked out these?
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To clarify, i don't want something specifically for itunes, but all files. I didn't like Tidy Up. I'm more looking for a specific reccomendatio, especially an app that only finds exact dupes.
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fdupes. Not graphical, but does the checksum and listing of identical files. The rest is manual.
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I've been happy with Find Duplicate Files ($20).
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I've used the following quick and dirty ruby script to generate a list of duplicate files. It's a pretty short hop from there to modify this to prompt you with the locations of each of the matches found and ask which one to delete.

require	'find'
require	'md5'

startpath = ARGV[0]
hashes = {}

Find.find(startpath) do |f|
    hash = MD5::hexdigest(
    hashes[hash] = (hashes[hash] || []) << f
hashes.delete_if {|x,y| y.length <= 1}
hashes.values.collect{|h| puts h.join(',')}

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You might also check out Mr Clean.
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