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How do I nominate a state symbol?

After reading this post and realizing my state doesn't have a state dish (at least not according to this page), I would like to nominate a one, but I have no idea where to start on this quixotic journey and the above page tells me nothing about the process.
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Best answer: Where I am from, these sort of things are passed by resolutions in the legislature, so I would say you need to talk to your state Rep. or Senator.
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Best answer: (These type of things can get contentious)
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Best answer: Yeah, it'd be through a (non-binding) resolution passed by the state legislature.

You could go about this two ways. You could contact your representative and suggest that he/she propose the resolution. Or, probably more effective, you could contact a rep with ties to the region/dish/product that you think should be the state dish. If you were suggesting Rocky Mountain oysters, say, do some homework to determine which reps had received donations from the testicle industry or were former ranchers or had invested in Ye Olde Testicle Shoppe near the state capital.

Also note that the chances of your being successful are really slim. It's not that difficult to get a resolution passed honoring Boy Scout Troop 5131 for its service during Hurricane Boris. But believe it or not, this one will get political, because you're going to have disagreements based on what the state dish should be. When that rep proposes the resolution naming Rocky Mountain oysters as the state dish, the chicken wing people are going to get all up in arms.
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Best answer: I would also try and start a petition getting signatures in support of your idea. One of my friends wanted to get one of those special license plates made for some cause (education, I think), and she started with a petition. Then, when she went to talk to her state senator/congressperson she could show her that she had some support. It worked out for her.
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Response by poster: So it's as simple as a non-binding resolution. Okay.

Well, I'll update more as I get closer to the windmills. Thanks all!
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