Windows 2000 hard disk management
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Hard disk management. I have several hard drives, running from 20GB to 120GB. My primary C: drive is on the 20GB drive, and the other day I noticed it was taking quite a while to do things, the C: drive was down to about 20MB of disk space! What I'm looking for is a disk manager that would look at hard drive and tell me what folders are taking up what space on the hard drive, so I could prune the offending directories. I'm on Windows 2000, and would prefer freeware.
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Search for "hard drive space", you'll come up with quite a few options.

Also, defrag early and often.
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Treesize does this and it's free.
posted by luser at 12:02 PM on November 8, 2004

SequoiaView. Free. And it's pretty, too.
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scanner. you can find it here:, first link in the list.

free program, uses a graphical pie chart to show you which folders/files are hogging your drive. you can click on a folder to "drill down" into directories to narrow your results. it's helped me find massive folders full of junk on more than one occasion.
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SpaceMonger is something along the same line as SequoiaView.
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SequoiaView, as stated above. It's freakin' fantastic.
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Put your swap file on one of the other drives.
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For future reference/future searchers who use Macs, OmniDiskSweeper does exactly this.
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I use Treesize. Google gets it right.
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Also take a look at this thread. I still use More Space.
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