Recommendations for Toronto home and garden workers?
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Looking for recommendations for Toronto-area tree service (to severely prune back an old maple tree), and handy people who can replace my front door and attic/rooftop terrace door (some frame repair and possibly brickwork involved). I’ve gotten one estimate each for all three jobs, but they seem a little high (i.e., Home Depot wants $2300 to replace my front door alone) so it seems prudent to take some more bids. Can any Torontonians recommend reliable workers/companies with reasonable rates for these jobs?
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No time to double-check the info right now but I think it was Kent Neilsen at New World Tree Service who did a good job removing a dangerously old tree from our back yard. Wasn't the cheapest, yet reasonable and his insurance checked out.

Canadian Choice did a good job for us. I think they only do cheap vinyl replacement windows and doors but if that's what you need, it's like having Russian commandos air-dropped to saw out the old window, install, caulk and sweep up around the new one.
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Also might be worth checking craigslis. If you have any realtor friends, they might know someone as well.
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Best answer: Several co-workers of mine recommended Home Stars, a web site of consumer reviews on tradespeople. In the future, if no one I know can recommend someone for a given job, that's where I'm going.
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