Best way to learn new software?
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What are the good resources (online, books or local to the Denver area) for learning Adobe's Creative Suite?

I'm encouraging my girlfriend's recent expression of interest in learning things like Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver. Aside from the obvious (get the software and use it), what are the best options for learning the software?

She's open to online resources, classes and tutorials but has also expressed interest in local courses. Seems like some of those options are very spendy and I can't find enough information about them to feel great about spending that money. And places like Ledet say that the people who should attend are designers and those looking to master. She's a noob - is it a good idea?

Thanks for the help.
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For learning photoshop there isYou Suck at Photoshop. is good as well but its a little expensive. However they have the complete Creative Suite as well as tons of other programs. Lynda is very in depth and long but they are a great resource.

The whole tuts+ network as some good step by step tutorials, they might be a little advanced but they have some easy ones scattered in.
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As a very strong Adobe user that's taught many a friend how to do the basics the first thing I'd recommend is figuring out what she wants to do with the software. Those are some powerful tools, that while useful together, you might not need them all. Remember they each come with a learning curve. If she'd like to create websites find info on creating websites and use that to learn what she needs. I'd highly recommend not trying to learn 100% of those four massive software packs. Find the job she want's to do and learn as much of the tools as she needs for the job, and she'll pick up more an more as she goes on. I could spend some time and teach you the dodge/burn tools but if you're not into photo manipulation that time would have been better spent elsewhere.

I've referenced the official stuff from time to time when coding in flash though I think they have info on all the products.
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Seconding Also check out
posted by jacksides at 6:05 AM on March 4, 2009 is amazing. I have learned so much from that site over the past year and I recommend it all the time. If you purchase the Adobe suite, you get a lengthy free trial at Lynda. There are also some shorter trials that you can find here and there on the internet. Here's one for seven days - and I want to point out that Chris Orwig, who offers that trial, has some amazing Photoshop tutorials on there for photographers.

And in case you don't realize it, Adobe offers 30-day free trials of all of those programs that she can use in tandem with the tutorials.
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