Vista 64 drops Internet connection?
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What is causing my Vista 64 PC to keep dropping its Internet connection?

I keep losing my internet connection on my PC, which is running Vista 64bit. I'm at loss for what is causing it. After searching online, I've tried the following solutions:

-Made sure Vista is not putting my Network adapter (Model: Realtek rtl8168c(p)/8111c(p) family pci-e GBE NIC) to sleep.
-Disabled DHCP and DNS on our router (which is a Linksys RTP300 from Vonage).
- netsh winsock reset

None of these suggestions have worked. Sometimes I stay connected for a while, and then I'm offline again. Sometimes I need to restart, other times it will reconnect itself within a matter of seconds. It also seems to kick me offline more frequently when both my husband and I are online at the same time.

My next actions were going to be to try a different network card and/or router, but any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Needs more info:

Does your husband get dropped when both of you are online also? If so, this would suggest a problem at the router instead.

What exactly occurs on your computer when you are "dropped" ? Does Windows say "a cable has become disconnected" or something along those lines? Or do you just start getting errors from your browser?

Open your start menu, and type in "Event Viewer". Now look under Windows Logs -> System. Look for errors that occur around when you lose connectivity. What do they say?
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Response by poster: My husband does not get disconnected at all. His internet connection is fine.

As for what happens when I'm dropped, no errors pop up. The network icon in the tray shows a red x on it. I usually know the connection drops because I get a browser error or I get disconnected from whatever program I'm using at the time.

I'm not at home right now, but I will check the logs when I get home tonight.
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Response by poster: Updating this and marking it as resolved: I replaced our router and the problem stopped.
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