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Ladies - where do you online-shop for swimsuits?

I'm looking for a reasonably priced bikini that can be shipped to Canada. I'm trying to find something a little more individual that you wouldn't necessarily find in every store at the mall. Any suggestions?
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You didn't say what size you are, but I've gotten excellent swimsuits from Swimsuits for All and Targetlink goes directly to bikini page.
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I haven't purchased from them before, but having been eyeing a suit for myself at Newport News. They appear to have some international shipping options.
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I'm not lady, and I don't shop online for bikinis much...however, I've heard excellent things about, yes, Land's End.
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Victoria's Secret makes some pretty fabulous swimsuits that you can mix and match to make unique (but more importantly, they fit very, very well), and they also carry a limited selection of designer swimsuits.
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JCrew -- they're not super "reasonably priced" but they're not ridiculous.
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Newport News suits are generally pretty shoddy quality in my experience. That said, if you want a cheap fun suit that doesn't have to last, it's a good way to experiment.
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I'm crazy about Esther Williams Swimwear. I get them on eBay though, cheaper.
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I have gotten several swimsuits from Land's End over the years, & I have been very happy with the swimsuits & the service. I have only gotten one piece suits, but they have lots of other options. You can even pick the top & bottom out separately!
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I love Newport News and Victoria's Secret. Lots and lots of options and the prices aren't so bad, especially when there's a special.

Unlike Sidhedevil, I've found Newport News' suits to be good quality. I had one that I used over four summers.

It's still just fine, but I'm a smaller size now, so I replaced it with another one from there.
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The most amazing swimsuits I've found were from Paradise Cove. Not sure if she's still making them, but you can buy them from Paradise Boutique in Victoria. The women that own the store are lovely, they might ship to you.
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I love the the swimsuits from They have really comfortable and interesting swimwear as well as great-looking (and feeling) athletic wear for yoga, gym, running/walking, golf and tennis.
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