Name for my brothers Business?
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Asking for family member: Brother is thinking of starting a merchandise delivery business and needs name suggestions for said business. Southwest TX if it matters.
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What kind of merchandise?
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Response by poster: he's thinking of doing order pickups from sams club, costco and store like that for customers that fax their orders in.
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could you be more specific about where in southwest Texas? are we talking San Antonio? Corpus Christi? Edinburg? Laredo?

why i'm asking: all of these various areas have different historical &/or cultural make-ups that could go toward the making of a good resonant business name... e.g., how much of his business does he expect to do with folks whose main language is Spanish?
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Response by poster: Mainly he is wanting to cater to people around the San Angelo area and as far south as Del Rio. As far as the actual business is concerned there are several business that fax in large orders to the mega stores. He is wanting to take these orders and deliver them to the customer. I don't know what percentage of clients will speak Spanish.
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Now that I think about it, that is probably taken.
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One thing worth considering these days is the uniqueness of the name in Google terms. When someone Googles Your Bother's Company Name, you want Your Brother's Company to be the #1 result. This will not happen in there are 3,000,000 existing results,

(I had a company come to me recently with a great name for their new brand: ONE. I told them to flush their money down the toilet right now and save us both a lot of time and effort.)

Texas Warehouse Direct? It's descriptive and will float well in search engine listings.
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Response by poster: Customers will fax their orders to sams / costco and all items are loaded onto a pallet. its called fax and pull or something like that. And there are no current delivery services contracted with sams in his area, so he tells me.

Keep the suggestions coming
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Big Box Delivery, BigBox Direct (soon to be known nationally simply as 'BBD')

Rapid Rabbit

Warehouse 2 U

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It might be worth making it more region-specific within Texas, if you're thinking of Google placement or simply better identification with your market. Maybe something like "Hill Country Warehouse Direct" or "Hill Country Warehouse To You". (or "...Sams To You" if they allow it; do they really have a Costco in San Angelo?)
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