Follow tweets without tweeting?
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I'm considering getting rid of my twitter account (its too much of time waster) however I currently follow several people who post interesting links each day and I know that I could get them via RSS but I'd like an email sent to me each day contain their days "tweets". I thought their was a service to do this but I can't remember the name, any ideas?
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Tweet by mail?
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If you have firefox, you can use Twitterfox
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Response by poster: These are good but rely on having a twitter account, anymore suggestions?


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Well, do you want the LINKS or do you want to read all of their messages?
You could try You can put twitter account names in the search portion and it will do a running update of any tweets. you can monitter/monitor several people at once and you don't need to log into twitter. The problem with this is that I don't see any email features, and the RSS never works for me (but it might for you). If you are not afraid of trying their widget, you can use that so as to not be reliant upon the website, I believe. This is the closest I can find to what you are looking for, but I'm sure someone else will find something!
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Best answer: Twitter Digest creates daily RSS digests of one (or more) twitter users. Basically you get one post a day with all of those users' tweets in it.

If you don't want RSS, you could choose some RSS-to-email service like Quickthreads to go from the digest to your email box.
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There are still a number of RSS to email services (Google search). I use FeedBlitz, but I see they are no longer free.
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oops that should read 'Twilert'. Same link though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your answers I will use Twitter digest and use an rss to email service.


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