Vanilla mousse cake in Houston
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Where to get (awesome) vanilla mousse cake in Houston?

I need to wrangle up a delicious vanilla mousse cake for a friend's birthday in Houston, TX. Does anyone have any bakery recommendations? I have plenty of time (a couple months), but I don't want to screw this up.
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Everyone I know prefers Three Brothers Bakery. They'll do a fine job at any sort of cake.
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Best answer: Epicure Café in River Oaks makes an absolutely delicious chocolate mousse cake which my family buys for pretty much all celebratory occasions, I'm sure you could call them at (713) 520-6174 and ask if they'll make a vanilla version of it for you.
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Loved the strawberry cream cake from Rustika Bakery - I specifically requested it for a past birthday and highly recommend the bakery. Since it doubles as a small cafe, you could even pop in and try a slice of the dessert of the day.
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I love the generally love the cakes at Empire Café. Don't know if they do special orders.
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