OS-X-like touchpad acceleration under Linux?
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Is there any way to get the standard OS X touchpad acceleration curve working under Linux? I've tried messing with the "synaptics" driver settings many different ways, but nothing yielded anything close to what I was looking for.

In the latest round of my seemingly annual experiment of running Ubuntu on my MacBook (rev 2,1), I was pleased to get most of the way towards a usable experience. I managed to get all of the important hardware bits working reasonably well; only two things kept me from considering a permanent switch this time: my iPhone (a subject for another discussion), and the touchpad.

I love my MacBook's touchpad under OS X. I haven't used a mouse in ages; the acceleration curve is perfect, IMHO. Under Linux, however, you get three settings: minimum speed, maximum speed, and acceleration factor. No combination of these yields a smooth-feeling touchpad experience; movements inevitably end up feeling either jumpy or ridiculously slow. It would appear that OS X is using a proper curve, whereas Linux is using a simple acceleration cutoff.

That said: has anyone had better luck with getting the touchpad to behave under Linux as it does under OS X?
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