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What third-party apps should I add to my Treo 680 to make it awesome?

Broad question, I know, but I'm new to smartphones. My dumbphone, laptop, and cheap Chinese mp3 player all failed on me inside of a week, and I decided to replace them with a netbook+Treo 680.

Up to now, I've been all about hand-me-down parts...which is probably why I had that failure in the first place. I've got a pile of desktop junk and crusty laptops wired up in the following configuration:

- a couple headless freeNAS machines in the closet
- non-anciet desktop for heavy CPU lifting+gaming+streaming cable
- networked machines to stream stuff from NAS-->viewing & listening ports
- beater machine for ripping movies

that I manage from the netbook over the network. All but the NAS's are on XP or variants thereof. I've seen and heard of smartphones used as remote controls for similar setups via bluetooth, but I have no idea how. This is one particular flavor of awesome I'd like to add.

But I've also heard tell of SNES emulators, better file management/task managers/ebook readers, map software, all kinds of cool stuff...and in my cursory sweeps of palm app sites I've seen tons of quirky, strange software to make Palm OS phones into handfuls of sheer awesome. I'd like to know what you do with your phones that drops jaws and makes the opposite sex drool for you.
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Its been a while since Ive owned a palm phone.

PDANet. Instead of paying sprint monthly for the "phone as modem" plan I just buy PDANet once and use my normal wireless data connection for my laptop. You can use this with your netbook.

Dopewars. Fun timekiller.

There are old posts at treocentral for must have software. Just search them out.
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