Help me find a web site that I should have signed up for years ago.
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[Find-that-website] So. There's this website where you would enter everything you do everyday - what you had for breakfast, what color shirt you wore, what TV shows you watched, whatever. After you had compiled enough data, it would come up with dubious statistics relating things you have done against world news and other users. For example, I might find out that every time I have eggs for breakfast there's an earthquake in SF, or that some guy in California wears a purple shirt every time I forget to floss. I might have found this on the blue or in PC World, and it was probably sometime around 2006. I've been looking for this site forever. Help.
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Tokyo Tuesday?
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I don't think this is your site because it just launched last year, but it's close and also excellent:

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Some more:


Zume Life - More of a health status slant.
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And also see previously.
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Oh, and though based on the dates it doesn't sound like Tokyo Tuesday is what you're looking for, I should add that the site is by soma lkzx and was on Projects here.
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Response by poster: Wow. I never knew there were so many websites to track ridiculous things like this. Daytum seems to be sort of close to what I'm looking for, but obviously doesn't have the misleading stats feature, which is what was so amazing about this site. I'd love to see additional sites in this genre (or, you know, the actual site if anyone finds it), and if the rest of my afternoon frees up I'm going to see if I can start digging through my 3 years of PC World issues.
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Daytum seems similar but more limited. zeaLOG is where it's at. You get to set up your own metrics, so you measure absolutely anything.
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