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Help me reconnect with my wireless optical mouse.

I have a wireless four-button optical mouse for which I have lost the instructions. It was designed to be customized for marketing promotions, and so has no identifying labels except those that say "made in China". Here are pictures and specs (though mine does not say "On Track Network"). The mouse no longer works, and I am pretty sure it's because it has lost the connection to its USB charger. The charger has a "connect" button in back, but I can't remember what I am supposed to do with it. Pushing it by itself makes the REC lights on the front of the unit blink, but doesn't appear to help with the mouse. Can anyone who has a similar mouse, or just knows how USB wireless things work in general, give me a better idea? I have a vague memory that I am also supposed to do something with the buttons on the side of the mouse (shown here), but so far nothing I have tried has worked.
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Most mice of this type have a connect button both on the USB charger end and on the mouse itself. Are you sure there isn't a button on the mouse that you've missed?
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Response by poster: Excellent question. I had missed a tiny black button on the bottom of the mouse. However, I have not yet been able to find a combination of pressing it and the connect button that seems to accomplish anything.
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Usually it's just a case of holding both buttons in for a couple of seconds. With a lot of wireless devices you'll see some sort of flashing of LEDs to indicate that the device is establishing a connection.
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Also check the batteries in case they no longer hold a (re)charge.
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