seeking check-out cards for a communal book collection at work
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Attention librarians: please help me find check-out cards for a book collection I am setting up at work.

I am creating a tiny library of reference materials for my colleagues at work. Right now it's literally one shelf of books. What I need are cards that get inserted in place on the shelf when the book is removed by someone. The person taking the book writes their name and the date on the card and then sticks into the shelf of books in place of the removed book. The card is LARGE, the size of a book and large enough to poke out slightly beyond the books.

I used these at a similar collection at a previous job, but every time I search for this, all I get are hits for the little cards that go into pockets in the back of the book. That's not what I'm looking for. What I'm looking for is more like the size of a manila folder, with a grid on it that people write on to check out books.

I know it exists, but I'm just not searching on the right term. I even cruised through several library supply catalogs! Hope me!
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Could you use empty blank videocassette cases as placeholders with a little grid taped onto one side?

My library used them for awhile (to direct patrons to periodical runs that were in microform rather than stacks) and they worked well.
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Our archive just makes their own out of cut up card stock. You could probably just use some file charge-out cards (a.k.a. end tab out guides) like these.
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When I started work at a library my mother suggested those paint stir sticks.
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Try a search for "shelf markers". There are several kinds including the boxy book dummies and large, flat plastic sheets. Library supply websites like Demco may be your best bet.
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Oh, and you can easily affix a signout page to the shelf markers...
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Last thing, I promise.

You can also use these clear plastic pockets for checkout cards in combination with the shelf markers.
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Sounds like this may have already been covered, but Gaylord and Brodart are two other big library supply places.
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Response by poster: Neat idea with the videocassette cases, codswallop.

"Outguide", hmmm. File checkout cards, huh. I'll see if these are offered by my office's supplier.

I had already dug through Demco, Gaylord and Brodart, but thanks for the pointers.
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