Am I alone here?
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Anyone know of a way to quantify (by region, nationally; individually, collectively; percentages, ballparks numbers, quotes, et cetera) how non-profit theatres are faring, say, from the past year year or two to now, in the pursuit of foundation money? Assiduous though my efforts have been, I need to put my to-date dismal efforts into perspective for myself and soon, methinks, for others. Thanks.
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Take your query here. Under "Gain Knowledge" they have national and regional funding reports that may be of help. If you're looking for real specifics, try emailing them. It can be hard to turn up records of grant success/failure - no one wants to tell you how many applications they made in order to get the funding they got, and it's not in anyone's interest to have more people exploiting a single source than there are now, so information trading is pretty low.
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