Stop my bed from rolling!
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My bed has casters that don't lock/break and don't come off. This causes my bed to pull away from the wall, making my covers and pillows fall between it and the bed. Do you have any suggestions of cheap things I could buy, or DIY to make my bed stop rolling?
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how about some of those hard rubber doorstop wedges?
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A shim wedged under each wheel out to do the trick if doorstop wedges are too big and would cost pretty much nothing.
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You need something like these.
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Get bed risers! The casters are confined to a small space so you won't move around AND you can now shove (more?) crap under your bed. If having a taller bed isn't something that appeals to you, I've seen ones that only raise it up about an inch. Just google around.
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Don't buy anything, just wrap a couple of layers of duct tape, electrical tape, or packing tape (less residue) around the caster and its housing.
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Asked and answered - caster cups are the way to go.
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you can also drive a screw between the caster and it's housing
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My bed had the same problem... caster cups didn't fix it. Since I'm on hard wood floors the cups just slide so I got some of the texturized stuff they put in drawers to keep your silverware holder in place and put that under the cups.

Worked great
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You could also get a few C-clamps and close them on the wheels, preventing the wheels from turning.
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I had a table like that, and the Caster Cups were exactly what I used. You can get them at practically any hardware store.
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Yeag, castor cups are probably the way to go, but I'd probably go out and buy some rubber O rings from a plumb shop instead, just to be difficult. Get some small enough that the castors sit down onto the o ring and compress them slightly.
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Try those rubber O rings that are used to hang mufflers on cars in place of caster cups.
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You need caster cups. I made a blog post with pictures of the type of caster cups you need here.
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