Useful iTunes keyboard shortcuts?
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Is there a way, within iTunes, to change playlists (or navigate back to the main library) and to place the cursor in the search box using just the keyboard?

I cannot find these options on any list of iTunes keyboard shortcuts, but I'm trying to rescue many gigs worth of music, and all the clicking around is killing me.
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Best answer: If a song is selected in the right window, and I press tab (on a Mac), the focus goes to the left column of playlists, where I can select different ones by pressing up and down using the keyboard arrows. If I press Tab again, the focus goes to the search box and I can begin typing. Pressing tab one more time brings the focus back to where I started in the right window. You may have to press up or down to select something.
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I couldn't find one on Windows and actually wrote an AutoHotKey macro to do it.
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Response by poster: milarepa, thanks so much! This has bugged me for years, but in a minor way. Lately as I'm working on cleaning up a rescued backup drive, it's been really getting me down.
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