Help Me Identify My Artwork
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Can you help me identify my artwork, most of which I received as a gift. I put it all up here.

After we were married, nearly seven years ago, my wife and I were at a party at the house of friends of my wife's family. Well, a house they had bought to tear down, and--along with the house already owned next door--build a big mansion (they're rich). We both remarked that we liked some of the artwork they had hanging up, and they said: Oh, that belonged to the previous owners (note: also rich); you can have it if you want. And so we got a lot of art (except a few Georgia O'Keefe prints). We acquired some more at flea markets and the like, so--to paraphrase what someone once to Picasso--about half the art in the house we know nothing about, except that we like it. So we need your help to figure it out.
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The bottom right is by Marc Chagall. Is it signed? If it's signed in pencil it may be valuable, or it may just be a run of the mill reproduction. The colour wedding looks like a derivative Chagall knock off.
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I have one that is similar to the top-left one (Asian-style print of a mountain). I bought it in Hong Kong. They sell a lot like that, usually with a mountain and writing which I believe is a poem of sorts. Mine isn't a print; it's an ink drawing with black ink and a red chop (signature) on really, really thin paper. They are not uncommon, and not terribly expensive, but pretty neat in my opinion.
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Cool - I'll check it out when I get home. Don't think it's signed though...
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One of them is here. I don't know anything about it though. Just googled it.
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Thanks Janet; I always read that as Paya, and was never able to find anything. Now it seems so obvious.
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Thanks fire&wings - I found the drawing here
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I believe the Asian Mountain Portrait is a modified version of this.

It is done by 錢松岩(Chien Song Yeng? 1899~1985), a renown Chinese artist who spent 70 years of his life drawing. A lot of his work apparantly are about the Culture Revolution, including the one you have. This one is called 延安頌(Song of Yen-An?) and is considered among his famous work.

I am no expert in painting/drawings, just that I can read Chinese.
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I think that the Asian Mountain Portrait is normally called "Ode to Yan'an" or Yan'an song, painted in 1976, and the artist's name is normally written Qian Songyan.
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