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My favorite beer commercial ever... I remember it but can't find it.

Ok, this was a few years ago. Think mid 90s maybe. This commercial I believe was for a lower level beer like miller high life or maybe Milwaukee's best. Anyways the commercial starts with a curly blond haired floating guy's head floating down a beach talking about poetry. He sees a young couple on the beach setting up a picnic with the beer. The head floats on over and asks nicely for one. The girl freaks out and starts running. The guy grabs an umbrella and starts poking the head with it. This results in the head "head butting" the guy into the beach.

That is the commercial. I would like it if someone could say "Hey I remember that too!" I would love it if someone would say "go here!" My google fu has failed me. I need a great master of the arts to find it for me. Help me Metafilter you are my only hope.
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It's Andy Dick, and it was take-off on a Ben Stiller Show sketch. I couldn't find the commercial for you, but I found one of the sketches here.

I can't believe this is taking up space in my brain.
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Best answer: I worked for Miller at that time, so I remember these. But, I can't find the exact one you are remembering. I hope this helps the search, though.

These were the "Dick" commercials. They were for Miller Lite, and came out while Budweiser ran the commercials with the frogs, in 1997. They were designed to be "unexpected".
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Another thing that might help: The ad agency was Fallon McElligott.
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Response by poster: EEEEEEVAAAAL BEAVER!!!! I'm in tears right now. Andy Dick's head can to float off into the sunset. That is now my new fav beer commercial ever!
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