Griffin Air Click - any way to make it work or remote control another waY?
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I want to remotely control (from 20-30 feet away) a Powerbook G4. The Griffin Air Click USB isn't working.

I want to give a presentation on my Powerbook G4, preferably using iPhoto, but I also have Powerpoint and could use Keynote in a stretch.

I bought a Griffin Air Click USB, a paired remote device and USB dongle, because the PB does not have an infrared port to use with a remote device. The Air Click says it works with OS 10.4, says it works with iPhoto, Keynote, iTunes, and Powerpoint, but nothing happens when I click the remote.

You plug the dongle into your USB, install some software, and then the remote is supposed to be able to control forward, back, mute/on, and so on in some Mac applications.

I've tried both USB ports, and I can confirm that the Air Click is switched on, and that the signal is successfully sent from the remote to the Air Click dongle in the USB port, because when I click the remote the dongle success light comes on. But nothing happens on the powerbook.

I've checked the Griffin help pages and FAQ. Any options to make this work, or to make this work another way?

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Have you enabled access for assistive devices in the "universal access" System Preferences pane?
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Is there a preferences file when you lauch the program? If so. make sure that your click commands are properly set to the correct buttons. The hardware, as described, seems to be functioning correctly so your description kind of makes me think there could be a software issue.

I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the program. Silly as it may sound, I would also try a different USB port as well-- especially if you are using a USB hub.
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I often amaze people with the sheer range of the cheap and ugly (and sadly discontinued) ATI Remote Wonder. It has a great programmable control deck under OS X, and generates plain old keypress/mouse events, so works with almost anything. If you can find one, it'll likely be very cheap
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If your Mac has Bluetooth, you can use a Nintendo Wii remote with Remote Buddy or OSCulator. My older G5 doesn't have Bluetooth built in; I've used both apps connecting with a Belkin USB Bluetooth dongle, no problem.
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Back in 2003-2004, I used this Keyspan remote with my PowerBook G4 as part of teaching some technical courses for Apple. It's the model they were recommending all their trainers use. This was pre-Bluetooh, pre-little-white-Apple-remotes.

It worked flawlessly for me during the dozen or so times I used it with PowerPoint.
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Thanks all. I've fixed it by updating the driver from the Griffin web site.
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