Is there a place that catalogs non-standard holidays?
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Where can I find an extensive calendar or listing of events and celebrations beyond the basic national and well known holidays? (i.e. that the last Saturday in Feb. is Open That Bottle Night for celebrating good wine.)

I'd love to find a website that catalogs various made up holidays and celebrations. I can use a regular calendar to find the dates of common holidays but I'm interested in knowing about all sorts of days that aren't on a standard calendar. How can I easily find out when Computer Security week is? Or Backwards Pants Day? or Jogging Safety Awareness Week is? All of which I just made up of course, but you see my point. Does anyone know of a place where such things are cataloged?
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Do a google search for "Wacky Holidays" and you'll find a couple of different lists. I highly recommend "Leave Zuccini on Your Neighbors' Porch Day."
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American Holidays has a whole bunch of mostly food "holidays".
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Here are a few lists too.
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Chase's Calendar of Events
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See this post here and my answer:
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