Outlook+Blackberry=Unwanted Email Attention?
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Why would my syncing my Outlook appointments cause my Blackberry to send emails automatically?

My company has some restrictions as to what apps can be installed on work laptops. For instance, Google Sync is considered a risk, but Blackberry Desktop Manager is listed as allowed. And so, I used said Desktop Manager to sync my Outlook Calendar with the calendar on my Curve. All seems well and good.

I set up no Blackberry Email when I first rec'd my Curve (about a month ago), content as I was to use the Gmail App. But before long, I figured that I might as well, particularly if I wanted to send photos, etc., given that the Gmail App seems to have no access to my local media. So I did.

Within an hour of setting up that Blackberry Email address, my Curve starts buzzing away with news of incoming messages. To those familiar with Outlook, these are the notification messages returned from recipients ("Accepted, Declined, Tentative"). And since the meetings of which I am a part have very long invite lists, I was getting email after email.

To make matters worse, when I got into work the next morning, I had emails in my Outlook Inbox from co-workers asking why I'd been sending them emails from _____@sprint.blackberry.net.

Not having time to dive too far into how this all could happen, I deleted the Blackberry Email address before anything further happened.

I've found next to nothing about unwanted or automatic emails being generated from Outlook appointments that have been sync'd, but I know I can't be the only one. Also, I'm sure there is a perfectly logical explanation and possibly a way to avoid this should I decided to make a new Blackberry email.

So ... what happened?
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Do you have your appointments in Outlook set to e-mail reminders?
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Response by poster: The email reminder theory would work if these were appointments/meetings that I had set up myself. But these were meetings that I had accepted from others.
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I had something very similar happen when adding .ics files that coworkers emailed me to my iCal, which syncs to my Google calendar. For some reason, Google would send everyone reminder emails even though I hadn't set up the event. Maybe something similar is happening here -- does the BB "know" which events you've set up vs. which you've accepted? Maybe the sync process is losing that data.

Unfortunately, my solution was "don't do that anymore" which doesn't really help you.
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I believe what happened is you did not have an e-mail address associated with the BlackBerry before hand. You added an e-mail address, thus making it your "Default service" for messaging (This is set under Options, Advanced Options, Default Services, Messaging (CMIME)). This is also where you set the default e-mail address to use when sending general messages. When it saw that it had default service to send requests through it wanted to send meeting requests.
If you never added your work e-mail address to the Blackberry Internet Service (the website you visited to create that @sprint.blackberry.com address), the BlackBerry may not have known that YOU created the events, thus it thought it was the organizer of the meeting and send out requests on your behalf.

Since your name was on the invite list, did you receive requests at your work e-mail address.

If anything, I would recommend adding your work e-mail to BIS and making it the default (ask for your IT dept to configure so it uses the Exchange Web Access instead of POP) on the BlackBerry, that way when you sync from your work PC, it will know that your events are tied to that address and it will not act on them.
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