Before I get arrested...
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Is online poker illegal in South Korea?

My Google-fu is failing me. It seems that gambling is illegal but skill games aren't.

I would be playing at home but really want to get my fix of cards in this PC Bang.

Thanks for any help guys.....
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Using real money in online poker is illegal. What's also illegal are virtual currency conversion services that convert real money to online chips. Online poker with virtual chips isn't illegal itself; there are numerous Korean online poker services out there who do provide such games.

disclaimer: I'm not an expert; this info was gained through a five-minute google (or naver) search; IANAL & IANAKoreanPokerPlayer etc etc etc. But I'm pretty sure I'm right.
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I don't know the laws, but PokerStars sponsored a tourney I played in Seoul. I would say that they don't seem very uptight about it, if it is illegal.
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Yes. My (Korean) wife's (Korean) friend just got called in for questioning for playing online poker for money. She had to go all the way to Busan from Seoul, and it looks like she's going to get off with a (hefty--as in $2000+) fine and a criminal record.
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I have a feeling it is illegal for Koreans to gamble. But the authorities turn a blind eye to foreign online poker players. elky, a professional player, used to live in Seoul. I'll update this if/when I'm arrested :)
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