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Mozilla problem: weird tables (come inside, fellow coding geeks)

I'm doing a site redesign and in Mozilla only, text from the blog is overlapping and overextending the table midway through the page. All of my tags appear to be closed, so I'm a bit stuck, and tired... don't want to self link blatently so my site is on my profile page. I've done the html validator, which caught several errors, but not this one it seems... Appreciate your help in advance!

PS> I'm not able to code CSS well at this point, so I've got to keep it html for now...
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I'm not seeing any errors, try upgrading Mozilla.
posted by krisjohn at 8:05 PM on November 5, 2004

Unless that light background is supposed to go all the way down...
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This is your problem:

<div align="" style="width: 724; height: 803">

You've created a DIV of a fixed height too small to contain the content. Rather than the content being cropped, it continues to run on, but the rest of the page is sized based on the values in the DIV tag.

The page sizes much better without the DIV tag.
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ObligatoryNag:You might want to consider designing for 800x600 as that's the resolution for the majority on the web.

Someone needs to talk to Tim Berners Lee!

I have fought since the beginning of the Web for its openness: that anyone can read Web pages with any software running on any hardware.
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Also, but not likely to be the cause of problems, it's best to put units with your measurements.

width:724px; height:803px;

Browsers are usually smart enough to figure out you mean pixels and not inches, but it's still a good practice to have it explicitly defined.
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wow, thanks krisjohn, i can't believe i overlooked that. i was getting tired and cranky.

skallas, i know, that's been an issue. i'm spoiled with my screen size and often forget there are other options out there.

round of ales to you all!
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