What is going on with my bees?
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Are my bees getting robbed?

It was warm today in Boston and my hive was very busy. As I sat near and watched it appeared that there were various struggles going on at the hive entrance. It wasn't spring cleaning of bees lost to the winter but a fight to drag out live bees who seemed to be resisting this. Could bees be out robbing on the first warm day?
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I wouldn't think that there would be much to rob after the winter ... are you sure they weren't just cleaning house? Were there flights out and back, or just commotion at the entrance?
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Response by poster: There were flights back and forth, I could see some bees going in with pollen. I had peeked in on this hive a few weeks back and they still had plenty of honey. I don't even know for sure that what I was seeing was aggressive behavior, it sure looked like it though.
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Maybe drones?
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Hard to tell. The first part of the clip looks like some bees hassling a drone, which doesn't make sense in the spring, since they're usually tossed out in the fall and don't re-emerge for a little while yet.

Had you opened the hive or spilled some sugar water or anything? If bees get a good whiff of honey or food they can go a little nuts.
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I'm no expert but send me a MeMail and I'll refer you to my community garden's beekeeper, who's a fourth-generation apiarist and a really nice guy.
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Response by poster: Electroboy: no, I have not fed the hive at all.
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Is that an immature queen getting the boot from a hive that already has a queen?
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