Clever uses for a receiver
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What to do with a Receiver? Someone in my building left a decent Pioneer receiver near the dumpster, obviously hoping that someone would put it to good use. I believe I might be that person, but am not sure what to do with it. I've already got a reliable radio that I enjoy listening to, my record player has it's own pre-amp, and I don't feel a need to add surround sound to the TV (in part because it would mean buying a mess of speakers). But I'm betting someone out there in MeFi land has a clever and novel idea for how it might be employed.

If no suitable use for it can be found, I plan on donating it to the Howard Brown Health Center - no reason for it to go to landfill.
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Circuit bending
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Put it on the computer?
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Build a subwoofer, use this receiver to power it.
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just ebay it man
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I'll take it.
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I had to go out and buy one recently. I inherited some pretty powerful speakers, made int he 80s, and needed a way to drive them. I don't really make room in my house for oversized stereo equipment anymore. It's mostly MP3-walkman-plugged-into-sattellite-speakers and such, but the amp/tower speakers setup was really nice out at Burning Man. You might want to throw it in the basement until the next time you throw a party or something. But it's not much use without components to plug into it and speakers.
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If you attach some RCA cable to it such that one end is a mini audio plug and the other splits into L-R speaker connections (all available at Radio Shack for a little bit of nothing) then download something like Darwin Streaming Server to an old pc/mac, then connect all that stuff up, you could make your own personal streaming server of a favorite radio station. For what that's worth. :>
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Oh, yeah, you'd need to encode the stream, too, but that's also fairly trivial--Quicktime or Windows Media encoder or whatever.
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Make a radio tivo that streams into your pc.
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> Put it on the computer?

Second that. Sound card stereo out to receiver AUX in, then a couple of decent speakers that match the receiver's (conservative) power rating, and next time you play Quake the folks in the next county will know it. Most made-for-computer speakers would embarrass a talking coke machine.
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