Can an Xbox recharge rechargeable batteries?
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If I put rechargeable batteries (batteries, not a battery pack) in an Xbox 360 controller, and plug in the charge wire that is typically used for their battery packs, what will happen to my rechargeable batteries? Will they actually recharge? Will nothing happen?

Am I toying with fate, here?
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I think the controllers can tell the difference between an official rechargeable battery pack and the battery packs you put AAs in. Plugging the recharger in would just bypass the AA battery pack.
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I've tried this. Nothing happens.
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Yeah, the controller will run off power from the Xbox, ignoring the batteries. If the batteries are dead you can run the controller off the power cable while you're charging the batteries elsewhere, as if it was a regular wired controller.
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I think the Xbox rechargeable battery connects at different points into the controller than they do for AA batteries.
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