Auntie, I wanna rock.
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Guitar recommendation for a 5-year-old boy.

Bad Auntie Notjustfoxybrown has missed her nephew's birthday and desperately needs to find today a good guitar for my aspiring rocker. I'd like to spend no more than, say, $75, with shipping. I've been told about Sunlite and Yamaha brands but they cost a bit more than I'm willing to shell out for a kid who may or may not be interested in this next year. Thanks.
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These are very well made small guitars, and would be great for a youngster starting out. Runs $99 though, which is a bit higher than you are thinking, but I'm not sure you'll find something decent for less than that.
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I keep a First Act in my car for lunchtime strumming. Like The World Famous says, not half bad, and I don't have to worry about the effects of temperature and humidity and potholes. I think it'd be a fine choice.
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Best answer: We bought my 2 1/2 year old a First Act at Target for Christmas, and not only does he love it (he strums it and sings "silver and gold" in imitation of Burl Ives in Rudolph) but he has not yet been able to destroy it, which is a bonus.
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Nthing the First Act. My fairly tiny six year old can hold it easily and chord it properly, and it holds a tuning better than I would have thought for the price. I also can vouch for its durability, ours gets banged around like Pete Townshend's in the living room and it's still in one piece. Not a bad tone, either, again considering what you'd expect for the price.
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Best answer: I love incremental gifts for little ones. It turns gift giving into a learning opportunity, and education (even musical!) is always a more enduring gift.

I would say that you should avoid the electric guitars which - while totally rockin' - are generally more expensive, and also require more equipment. I vote for an acoustic guitar like a number of the smaller ones on this page. Not only do many of them come with beginner books (for extra special auntie rockin' out learning time!), but they are not a huge investment.

This permits you to say, "My dearest little rocker: Here is your very first guitar! And if you work hard to learn it, which I know you will because we'll all help you, you and I will go out together on (your next/another) birthday to get your very first ELECTRIC GUITAR!" And then the two of you do your best impression of Bill and/or Ted and play some air guitar and shout "Wild Stallions Rule!"

(For purposes of quality, I would not worry too much. Most instrumentalists who are starting out begin on the crappiest of crappy instruments. In the hands of a beginner, even a Stradavarius is going to sound like poo.)
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Here's another vote for the First Act -- my wife and I have one to take backpacking and it has a very serviceable sound quality, can take a beating, doesn't pull itself apart like other cheapo guitars, and holds tuning relatively well.
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Not a guitar, but perfect for smaller kids: the ukulele!!

I recommend the Mahalo ukulele for a kid that age:

(I've never shopped at this site; just including it for reference. I bought mine at a local store.)

It's got a pleasing sound kids (and grown-ups) really like, it's affordable, and the four nylon strings are much more manageable for soft little fingers than the six tougher strings on a guitar.
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Response by poster: My nephew got his First Act, along with guitar case and pick, from Target. He loves it! Thanks all.
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